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Prosertek has been one of the leading manufacturers of harbor equipment since 1990. Our products, developed by our highly-skilled team of engineers, are well-known for their solid and long-lasting designs. Our experience is supported by a wide range of products served all over the world.

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Our Products

BAS: Sistema de Ayuda al Atraque

BAS: Berting
Aid System

This system facilitates monitoring approach and mooring operations in maritime terminals, and all factors related to the maneuver. It provides useful information for improving operations and guaranteeing secure ship berthing, while enabling safe and effective operations.

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Quick Release Hooks

Our quick-release hooks are the foundation for a fast, secure and reliable anchor point for mooring lines, available with one, two, three or four hooks. The company also offers design, manufacturing, testing, installation and maintenance services for quick-release hooks.

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Pasarelas telescópicas

Marine Gangways

Gangways are narrow passages that provide access from dock to ship. The telescopic gangways designed by Prosertek provide an optimum and safe way to bridge installations, even under the toughest environmental conditions.Can be supplied with different configurations: as tower type or column type.

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Pasarelas de embarque

Boarding Bridges

Designed to facilitate the transit of people between the ship and the dock and vice-versa. They can operate under severe environmental conditions, protecting passengers from extreme weather conditions. Designed with a high degree of adaptability, they can be used under quite different circumstances.

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Grúas Portuarias

Port Cranes

Cranes are used for handling loads between the harbor and vessels. They are usually installed in different structures, such as at the top of a column or tower gangway, and can be served in different types, ranges, and equipped with different accessories.

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Defensas Marinas


Fenders are bumpers designed to absorb the kinetic energy of a vessel berthing against a jetty, quay or another vessel. They prevent damages to boats, vessels and berthing structures. Well-designed docking fender systems absorb the ship’s impact at docking.

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Bollards are the basis for any conventional mooring system. Each different kind of bollard ensures that the vessel is secured to the jetty by providing solid, reliable anchor points for mooring lines.

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