Non-destructive bollard tests

Ensayos no destructivos de bolardos

What are non-destructive bollards tests

Non-destructive bollard tests are indispensable for guaranteeing the secure mooring of vessels at all times. However, the state of bollards is often unknown in a large number of ports and terminals, which may lead to serious accidents.

At Prosertek USA we carry out non-destructive tests on installed bollards: through waves produced by vibration, and by fitting sensors, we can study the state of the bollard, its anchors and the surrounding concrete, detecting invisible fissures or cracks, wear and tear and any other anomaly likely to endanger safety on the wharf and on the ship.

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Why bollards must be tested

Around 80% of bollards installed all over the world have been there for more than 60 years. How can we know if their use is still safe? Or in what situations or with what loads mooring is no longer advisable?

The non-destructive tests carried out by Prosertek USA enable us to:

  • Obtain detailed information on the state of the bollard, its foundations and the surface to which it is anchored.
  • Establish the recommended workload.
  • Proceed with non-intrusive load monitoring.
  • Contribute to the predictive maintenance of wharfs and bollards.
  • Obtain an exhaustive report detailing the state of the bollard and the risk analysis.

G3-year certificate of guarantee

Método de verificación homologado por la empresa certificadora Lloyd’s.Prosertek USA works with BollardScan, a company with more than 60 years’ experience in the maritime industry, specialised in the carrying out of non-destructive bollard scans in ports, docks and marinas, whose verification method is approved by Lloyd’s Register.

Together with the detailed report, a certificate is issued on the state of the bollard together with a 3-year guarantee.

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