About us


Prosertek USA is one of the leading companies on the global maritime equipment market for ship docking, with over 20 years of experience in the sector, and a wide range of products served all over the world.

We design, manufacture, test, transport, install and provide after-sales technical assistance with our own resources, thus allowing our customers to receive a complete service without depending on any third party.

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Our staff

Our staff is highly motivatedqualified and undergo ongoing training, while our in-house research, control and testing departments offer rapid and effective service.


Logo Prosertek

Logo Prosertek 1992 Prosertek was founded in 1992, by a technical and managing team that came from a company specialized in technical rubber: Inbadelca S.A.
Logo Prosertek 1995 By 1995, the company grew an became leader in the spanish market. This year, a new product was introduced: Quick Release Hooks.
Logo KIT 98 By 1998, the fender product range was so wide that the company decided to diversify, and establish a new subsidiary just focused on engineering around Rubber: Kit 98.
In 2000, our engineers team developed two new lines of product: Berthing Aid Systems and marine gangways.
Logo Kareletik In 2009,due to the growth in complexity of our new developments, principally our Berthing Aid System (DAM) a new company was established: Kareletik.

Formed with a team of nautical engineers, mathematicians, and software engineers, its main task was to develop and optimize a proprietary software system to coordinate and control the different modules that integrate our Docking Assisted Monitoring.
Logo Prosertek 2010 In 2010 several new lines of product were launched, after several years of R&D: Marine cranes, Fire monitor towers and Passenger Boarding Bridges.
Logo Prosertek 2014 READY FOR THE FUTURE

In 2013 we decided to unify the image of all of the enterprises that compose the Prosertek group, under the same corporate identity. Now we are ready to keep improving, to keep working in new challenges.

We are ready for the future.

Prosertek LAC was established in 2016 in Colombia with the main objective of being closer to our clients in the American continent and in order to be able to generate trustworthy commercial relationships.

We approach the strategic leap to South America as a new opportunity for commercial growth and expansion in the international market for Prosertek Group.

In 2017 we continued our expansion with the creation of Prosertek America in the USA. This new branch was a key move to extend our range of action to North and Central America, as well as to consolidate Prosertek as a world benchmark company in port equipment design and manufacture.

Subsequently, we relocated our headquarters from Miami to Houston with the aim of strengthening our operations in one of the most prominent sectors in North America, the Oil & Gas.

In 2019 we remained committed to the idea of internationalization as the central axis of our strategy. With that in mind, we made the leap to a new continent and we set up a new office in Australia: Prosertek Oceania.

Thanks to the expansion to Oceania, we were able to increase our scope of action, reaching new sectors and establishing business relationships with new markets. Nowadays, we continue working to provide a global and quality service.