Underwater maintenance services

Mantenimiento subacuático

Among the services offered by Prosertek USA are the underwater inspection and maintenance of submerged structures and vessels.

Thanks to our highly skilled team of technicians and certified divers we can offer advice prior to every job and impeccable performance in all professional diving and underwater equipment services.

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Inspection, repair and maintenance of wharfs, fenders, pilings, structures and all kinds of submerged machinery, as well as the recovery of elements which have accidentally sunk.


Installation and relocation of buoys, inspection and maintenance of crop fields, preparation of nets, installation of deadman anchors… We offer all kinds of underwater services that the aquaculture industry may require.


Inspection and maintenance of ships, with services including the cleaning of hulls and propellers, clearing of blockages, etc.

Desalination plants

We offer inspection and maintenance services for submerged machinery in desalination plants, guaranteeing the correct functioning of water intakes and catchment inlets.

Wastewater purifying & drinking water treatment plants and reservoirs

Installation and repair of sewage water pipelines, repair of water pumps and other services, for reservoirs and wastewater purifying and drinking water treatment plants.


We inspect and repair underwater machinery, replace parts and clean mechanisms for different industry sectors.

Services vessel

Support services for towing ships, towing and installing buoys, water inlets, placement of deadman anchors…

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