Boarding Bridges

Pasarelas de Embarque

Designed to facilitating passengers transfer between shore and vessel and vice-versa, our Passenger Boarding Bridges provide an optimum and safe access, even under severe conditions.

Prosertek USA’s exclusive lifting system, based on link-chain systems with pocket wheels, electrically activated, provides maximum safety, both when in operation and when under maintenance, as well as unlimited operational ranges.

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Benefits of the Prosertek USA boarding bridges

Prosertek USA boarding bridges have been specifically designed by our team to be used at any terminal, occupy the minimum amount of space and allow working range and limit locations while also providing maximum safety, comfort and serviceability.

Efficiency and easy to operate

Designed based on simplicity, with the latest technological innovations, the PBBs are easy to operate. Once positioned on the deck or gate, it freely follows the ship’s movements.

Easy access

Anti-slip floors, handrails and wide walkways, provide for embarking and disembarking even simultaneously, as well as safe and comfortable transfer of passengers from the ship to the dock and vice-versa, even for passengers with reduced mobility.

Durability and maintainability

At Prosertek USA, Quality is a philosophy. All materials and accessories used to make the PBBs undergo a certified testing and manufacturing process, guaranteeing the durability of our PBBs. Furthermore, it is designed so that maintenance tasks can be executed quickly and simply, which provides durability over 20 years.

Innovative equipment

Passenger Boarding Bridges are equipped with a several drives, sensors and control equipment based on PLCs. This equipment allows our bridges to offer both ideal handling and control, as well as smooth, controlled acceleration and braking.

Beneficios de las Pasarelas de Embarque
Seguridad de las Pasarelas de Embarque


Safety is one of the most important considerations when choosing a good passenger boarding bridge This is something that we at Prosertek USA are aware of, and we do everything to ensure that all our solutions offer the highest degree of safety for the passenger boarding gateway market.

Therefore, all our boarding bridges have active safety elements, which provide stability and help prevent accidents, and passive safety elements, which minimise any damage that can occur in the event of an accident.

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Boarding bridges configuration

We at Prosertek USA have a wide variety of passenger boarding bridges, which are classified into two different types depending on the alignment of tunnels compared to the berthing facility. Our boarding bridges can be therefore either perpendicular or parallel.

Prosertek USA also has different options for the configuration of our passenger boarding bridges to adapt to each particular need of our customers. There is also an option of creating tailored solutions according to the needs of each project.

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Configuración de las Pasarelas de Embarque
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