Technical assistance service

Prosertek’s team has exhaustive knowledge of the technologies applied to berthing vessels at port terminals, so we are able to offer global, quality service to port operators.

To this end, we offer rapid, accurate response to our clients in any phase of the process, from design to after-sales service:

  • Installation
    Prosertek designs, manufactures, transports and installs its port equipment products anywhere in the world. We are present at all process points, ensuring perfect operation of our solutions and a long life cycle.
  • Maintenance
    Periodical inspections and revisions help to keep port equipment operative. Our technical team ensures necessary maintenance for our products to maximise the time they can be used and to obtain the highest level of operative safety.
  • Technical support
    Our highly-qualified support team is available to answer questions and provide after-sales support for our solutions.


To obtain technical assistance on any of our products, please fill out this form: