Quality certifications

quialitinspect-prosertekQuality inspection of a crane column

At Prosertek, we have our own Research & Development department. It is specialized in optimizing harbor-equipment manufacturing processes, which establishes internal and external quality controls.

We have our own laboratories with the most advanced equipment and technology to study raw materials and conduct non-destructive testing on our wide range of products. This allows us to carry out every quality control required by each technical specification.

As a result, Prosertek has obtained a range of technical certificates regarding the manufacture of harbor equipment, assuring comprehensive fulfillment of different international standards and directives, including ISO procedures, OSHAS, ATEX (explosive atmospheres), IECEX and EC examination certificates.

Our certifications:

ISO_9001_2015ISO 9001
ISO_14001_2015ISO 14001
OHSAS_18001_2007OHSAS 18001
Full-load-bollard-prosertekBollard capacity
ASTM fendersASTM (Fenders)
PIANC fendersPIANC (Fenders)
16 6985 BB fendersDurability test (TCN Fenders)
16 6986 BB fendersDurability test (Cell Fenders SC)
16 6991 BB fendersDurability test (Bucking Fenders)
ATEX-BAS-display-prosertekATEX (DAM)
ATEX-Gangway-prosertekATEX (Gangways)
ATEX-QRH-prosertekATEX (QRH)
Quality Innovation AwardQuality Innovation Award
Integrated Management System PolicyIntegrated Management System Policy